ROC Central in the Netherlands installed Mainline Power in the special workshop where practical training is given to student electricians. Until recently students would have to work around clumsy extension leads to power equipment. Now we simply add a socket to the Mainline track where needed. It works quickly and safely. Both the students and […]


LearnSpace, a multi-disciplinary education research space linking teaching and learning to school building design, installed Mainline to help streamline the project’s power needs. Set in a large warehouse space in Corby, Mainline was chosen due to the ability to install long, uninterrupted lengths of the power system, making it possible to use multiple sockets at […]

Macquarie University

Sebel Furniture fits out Macquarie University Lecture Theatre with the flexible Mainline Power solution. Recognising the use of tablets and laptops by students as reference and note taking mediums, Macquarie University specified that a power socket be placed beneath each seat during the complete refit of its 450 seat ‘Macquarie Theatre’ auditorium. Following analysis of […]

University of Western Sydney

The University of Western Sydney, now enjoys the flexibility of Mainline in more than 30 collaborative learning spaces and 20 lecture theatres across 4 campuses The University of Western Sydney (UWS), has six campuses spread across the diverse and vibrant region of Greater Western Sydney, Australia. UWS was an early adopter of Mainline, utilising its […]


Borgarholtsskóli School in Reykjavík, Iceland, has installed Mainline in its modern and highly technically equipped facilities, used by 1400 students. 66 meters of Mainline in C-Channel Housing, along with 102 sockets were installed into two lecture theatres at Borgarholtsskóli. The lecture theatres are located adjacent to each other, making it possible to open up into […]

Homeowner Chris Wilson, French Chalet

Chris Wilson installed Mainline Power in the kitchen/living area of his family’s home in France. The project was a complete renovation of the home, including everything from roof replacement, rewiring and the installation of hot water and heating, to new kitchen, bathrooms and decoration. “We first saw the Mainline Power system at The Ideal Home […]

Mainline Powering Leonard Cheshire Disability Homes

An increasing number of Leonard Cheshire homes are future proofing their facilities by adopting a more efficient way to access power. Mainline’s innovative power track system allows staff and residents to safely add, remove or re position sockets wherever they are needed along its length using a simple twist action. In any environment, Mainline can […]

Oxford Instruments NanoScience

“We saved time and money on the initial installation because it was quicker to fit…” High tech scientific equipment manufacturer Oxford Instruments NanoScience has installed Mainline in four production cells at the company’s manufacturing site and European headquarters in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. Oxford Instruments NanoScience specialises in creating high performance cryogenic and cryogenfree environments for ultra-low […]

Mainline Powering Innovation in Glenair UK

Mainline provides access to mains power within the ultraclean production area at Glenair UK For high-reliability, nano-miniature connector manufacturer Glenair, it was critical that mains power within their new manufacturing area be provided without conventional sockets and trailing leads, because these items can harbour dust and impair performance of their missioncritical products. Flexibility was also […]

APAC Sale Workspace Installation

APAC Sale chose Mainline Power and Power Ethernet to provide an integrated power and data networking solution throughout their offices. APAC Sale recently opened a new office in Fulham, in a 19th century building across two floors that offered retailing, sales and admin functions.They identified the need for a robust and reliable networking solution that […]