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Borgarholtsskóli School in Reykjavík, Iceland, has installed Mainline in its modern and highly technically equipped facilities, used by 1400 students.

66 meters of Mainline in C-Channel Housing, along with 102 sockets were installed into two lecture theatres at Borgarholtsskóli. The lecture theatres are located adjacent to each other, making it possible to open up into one large space which can be used by just over 100 students. “Mainline was installed under the desk area and a single socket has been locked in place in front of each seat. Installing Mainline in this way means there is always a socket available for every student at the beginning of a lesson with no disruption. Additional sockets can then be added by the student to power additional devices if required.”

Rúnar Sigtryggsson, Electrical Installer, Raflýsing ehf.

“The students are very pleased with this installation and have especially commented on the light on each socket, that makes it much easier for them to find when plugging in their equipment.”

Danelíus Sigurðsson, Real Estate Operational Manager, Borgarholtsskóli.