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Homeowner Chris Wilson, French Chalet

Chris Wilson installed Mainline Power in the kitchen/living area of his family’s home in France.

The project was a complete renovation of the home, including everything from roof replacement, rewiring and the installation of hot water and heating, to new kitchen, bathrooms and decoration. “We first saw the Mainline Power system at The Ideal Home Show in London, and immediately thought it would be perfect for our upcoming house project in France. We decided to install Mainline Power in our kitchen/ living area. The system is infinitely better than having traditional plug sockets which are generally too few in number and invariably in the wrong place. On a practical note for those designing a kitchen or other rooms in the house, fitting Mainline removes the painful thought process of where best to place individual power points. As a British family living in France, we also benefit from the fact we can run both UK and Euro plugged appliances on the same track. We are delighted with the results! Ironically after all the time and effort went into renovating our house it’s the Mainline Power system that is genuinely one of the most talked about features. Visitors always need to charge phones etc. And when we point them in the direction of the Mainline track, it’s only then they realise it’s there. As we have integrated it into the tiling of the kitchen, making it largely unnoticeable to the untrained eye. We are now in the process of selling the house, for a new project within France and there will definitely be a “Mainlined” kitchen there, so watch this space!…”

Chris Wilson, Homeowner.