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LearnSpace, a multi-disciplinary education research space linking teaching and learning to school building design, installed Mainline to help streamline the project’s power needs.

Set in a large warehouse space in Corby, Mainline was chosen due to the ability to install long, uninterrupted lengths of the power system, making it possible to use multiple sockets at any point around the room depending to the changing requirements of the space. “Due to the large, open nature of the space, it was important to ensure that both power and IT needs could be met, regardless of the location. This was especially important since the space itself has been designed to provide a trial learning environment. As a result, we selected the Mainline system due to its combined possibilities – providing power via the track whilst concealing I.T data cables and wires within the housing itself. Working in this way, both supplies could be fed seamlessly around a room and blend in neatly with the surrounding space.”

Neil Logue, Education For All.