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Macquarie University

Sebel Furniture fits out Macquarie University Lecture Theatre with the flexible Mainline Power solution.

Recognising the use of tablets and laptops by students as reference and note taking mediums, Macquarie University specified that a power socket be placed beneath each seat during the complete refit of its 450 seat ‘Macquarie Theatre’ auditorium. Following analysis of conventional solutions, specialist seating provider Sebel Furniture worked, with Mainline Accredited Installer, Cableaway, to provide a complete Mainline solution offering significant savings in installation time and overall cost with minimal downtime. The inherent flexibility of the Mainline Power track system means that the power sockets can be easily repositioned at any time (to fit new pitch seating for example), without the need for any rewiring. “The simplicity of the installation, flexibility and resulting cost savings made Mainline a logical choice for us in meeting Macquarie’s requirements” Declan Brennan, Fixed Seating Manager of Sebel Furniture.