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Mainline Powering Innovation in Glenair UK

Mainline provides access to mains power within the ultraclean production area at Glenair UK

For high-reliability, nano-miniature connector manufacturer Glenair, it was critical that mains power within their new manufacturing area be provided without conventional sockets and trailing leads, because these items can harbour dust and impair performance of their missioncritical products. Flexibility was also important for the Nottinghamshire-based company, so that disruptions would be minimised when production priorities changed and the room had to be reconfigured and additional power points created. The tools, equipment and machines that require mains power within Glenair’s cleanroom manufacturing area include soldering irons, bench magnifiers, mextraction units, potting equipment, ATE test equipment and PCs. “Mainline provides quick, easy and extremely versatile access to mains power, which is useful, but for us the main reason we opted for it was its clean credentials.”

Phil Creedy, Facilities Manager, Glenair.