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Mainline Powering Leonard Cheshire Disability Homes

An increasing number of Leonard Cheshire homes are future proofing their facilities by adopting a more efficient way to access power.

Mainline’s innovative power track system allows staff and residents to safely add, remove or re position sockets wherever they are needed along its length using a simple twist action. In any environment, Mainline can be seamlessly installed into walls, skirting boards or trunking systems in a fraction of the time it takes to install conventional fixed sockets and eliminates the need to use hazardous, trailing extension leads. Significant benefits have been reported by Service Manager Serena Watson at Kenmore’s Leonard Cheshire Care Home:

“It seemed the perfect solution to accommodate the umpteen pieces of electrical equipment in bedrooms, so we installed the system within 10 of the home’s higher-dependency rooms. After Mainline had been fitted, the benefits it could bring elsewhere in the home were clear to see. It is so flexible, easy to use and simple to keep clean, that it has also been fitted in a number of offices and within the large main lounge – where residents electric wheelchairs are charged up overnight.”