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University of Western Sydney

The University of Western Sydney, now enjoys the flexibility of Mainline in more than 30 collaborative learning spaces and 20 lecture theatres across 4 campuses

The University of Western Sydney (UWS), has six campuses spread across the diverse and vibrant region of Greater Western Sydney, Australia. UWS was an early adopter of Mainline, utilising its ease and speed of installation to provide an economic and flexible solution for power sockets under each seat in a series of lecture theatres. Mainline’s flexibility then led to it being fitted around the walls of collaborative learning spaces. These spaces are used for a range of activities including traditional teaching, student workgroups, presentations and exhibitions. “Our learning spaces are continually being reconfigured with different equipment requiring power at any given point in the room. Mainline’s unique flexibility allows us to simply and easily move power sockets to exactly where we need them to meet our day to day needs.” Robert Lockie, UWS Campus Manager – Campbelltown and Bankstown UWS prides itself on its adaptability to the ever changing needs of educational facilities. Mainline has become a valued tool in enabling this flexibility and is now fitted in over 30 learning spaces and 20 lecture theatres across 4 campuses, with more to come.